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Goddess Inspired 
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-1-7, 168 pages, Dimensions 7” x 10” Retail: $31.99

“Goddess Inspired,” is the eighth publication by author and artist, B. Melusine Mihaltses. It is a collection of the author's numerous artistic creations throughout her pivotal years as a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine on her personal spiritual journey. It is indeed, as the title elucidates, a goddess inspired intuitive art book; presented in full color as a journal for the reader's personal reflection and documentation.  “Goddess Inspired,” is a book envisioned as an important tool to incorporate while on the Goddess path of growth, coaching and enlightenment. The reader is able to document their thoughts and thus, engage in sacred journaling using this beautifully illustrated unique book.  In conjunction with B. Melusine's many other publications on Goddess Spirituality, this latest book becomes an invaluable asset and an extraordinary addition to our libraries. For all who are on the journey of Spiritual awakening; especially one focused on our inner Goddess, this book becomes yet another tool to forging our own spiritual path, growth, knowledge and awakening. This latest publication offers information on numerous Deities, from various cultures. It also presents affirmations, colored art work and the space to journal and document our own personal journey. “Goddess Inspired,” uniquely offers the reader, artistic inspiration, affirmations and encourages journaling as a powerful form of self-discovery.  This publication is presented as a full collection of the author's artworks; many that had been previously shared as illustrations in black and white only in her published books, now offered here in color.  Yet, this Goddess Art curation work is also offered uniquely as a journal workbook for the reader. It can be used in conjunction with the author's many other publications on Goddess Spirituality.  Included in this book you will find designated places to notate thoughts and reflections. In addition, you will find various Deities and their affirmations, accompanying every art work, to enhance the readers’ connection and understanding of the Sacred Feminine. It should go without saying that many of the Goddesses featured here are an important element in Women's Spirituality and our own personal journey towards empowerment. The study and connection to these deities helped personally revolutionized the author's life and they are offered in this latest publication in humble service to the Divine and women's continued evolution.  B. Melusine’s latest book offering, “Goddess Inspired,” is yet another spectacular publication exalting the many faces of the Sacred Feminine, Women’s Spirituality, and ultimately, serves to support all who are on the Goddess path.

Revamped Goddess
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-2-4,  274pages, Dimensions 7” x 10” Retail: $22.99"

"Revamped Goddess, Coaching Yourself to a Better Life," offers the reader a unique place to begin the process of transformation to revamp their life.  The reader is gently led to explore various tools that are pertinent to personal development and any spiritual journey. Born out of the author's own personal needs and those of her private coaching clientele, "Revamped Goddess," instantaneously became a highly exalted manual. This latest offering by author B.Melusine Mihaltses, addresses self-coaching through Goddess Spirituality. Yet, this book goes beyond Goddess Spirituality, as it is meant to be a much needed self-coaching guidebook for anyone who is in the process of completely overhauling their entire life to bring about powerful change.   "Revamped Goddess," is an essential resource for anyone who is ready to kick-start their life into full gear and boldly transform it, in ways previously unimaginable. Organized into themes, or goals, each chapter corresponds to a prominent area in a woman's life. The book features special milestones that every woman will be inspired to address and explore further in an effort to embark on this path of transformation. In this book you will find writing prompts, inspiration, various helpful tools, advice, and the presence of noteworthy Goddesses to accompany the reader throughout their unique journey.  Spread across the pages of this latest publication, you will find an amazing collection of culturally diverse representation of the Sacred Feminine. Thirty-four inspirational Goddesses are presented to incorporate into your unique journey, along with so many other pertinent tools; like journal writing prompts, to facilitate deeper exploration of each theme. B.Melusine Mihaltses has written numerous books on the subject of Goddess Spirituality. This latest book is her ninth offering, among an already impressive collection of published books for women. "Revamped Goddess, Coaching Yourself to a Better Life," becomes an invaluable coaching resource for anyone who is on the path of transformation, healing & spiritual evolution. If you are serious about coaching yourself to a better life; attaining your heart's desire and revolutionizing your life then this is the book for you.

Goddess Coaching Companion
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-5-5, 434 pages, Dimensions 7” x 10 ” Retail: $22.99

“Goddess Coaching Companion,” addresses personal coaching through Goddess Spirituality. As the book title suggest, it is envisioned as a guidebook and a companion coach, which aims to serve women in their spiritual evolution. This latest offering by author B. Melusine Mihaltses, offers its readers, personal coaching and guidance in their pursuit of magick, protection and an empowered life.  In this book you will find inspiration to work with various deities, create altars, Goddess rites, engage in sacred journaling, and create your own form of magick.  In essence, "Goddess Coaching Companion,” delves into various tools that are pertinent to our personal development and spiritual journey as women. Organized into twelve themes, or milestones, each chapter corresponds to the 12 lunar moon cycles and 12 months in a year.  The book features special milestones that every woman goes through as she embarks on her spiritual journey. Milestones like; leadership, career assessment, intuition growth, sexuality, creation, prosperity, etc... In this way, the book’s structure is almost reminiscent of the Fool's journey in the Major Arcana of the traditional Tarot; offering a unique coaching companion guide for women on their spiritual path. Spread across the many pages of this voluminous publication, you will find an amazing collection of culturally diverse representation of the Sacred Feminine. Sixty-six Goddesses are presented to incorporate into your own personal journey, along with so many other pertinent tools. Not only does the book explore several deities for each chapter but it also delves into animal energies, astrology, chakras and gemstone studies. Each chapter also offers an opportunity to create and document your own personal rituals with template offerings and altar suggestions. There are also journal prompts to facilitate deeper exploration of each theme. Every chapter begins with an introduction of the theme and a look at the corresponding tarot, astrological lunation, affirmations, Goddesses and mythologies that will all be relevant to the chapter's theme. B. Melusine Mihaltses has written numerous books on the subject of Goddess Spirituality. This latest book is her seventh offering, among an already impressive collection of published books for women. Thirty new deities are introduce in this book, along with a reintroduction of the 24 goddesses presented in the author's first book, ”Gathering for Goddess,” and a reintroduction of the 12 goddesses presented in "Living Goddess Spirituality." Thus, "Goddess Coaching Companion,” becomes quite a compendium and an invaluable coaching resource for any Goddess woman on her spiritual path.

Gathering for Goddess
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-4-8, 590pages, Dimensions 7” x 10” Retail: $26.99

Finally, a book that guides you on everything you need to create a Goddess group.  With Twenty-four deities from different pantheons  highlighted, this book is formatted to help you gather women in "Her" honor and celebrate the Feminine Divine; as she was always celebrated in Priestess Temples of ancient times.

“Gathering For Goddess” is a comprehensive Priestessing manual, with Twenty-four sacred deities featured, for those who want to create fellowship and a Women’s Goddess Circle. It has everything you’ll need to facilitate a monthly Goddess group and shares some of the intimate details of the author’s own journey as a Priestess for the Sacred Feminine. A large reference book with 590 pages, it invites the reader to gather monthly and journey to the Goddesses of ancient times. Featured in this manual are; Athena, Oya,  Amaterasu, Baubo, Pele, Brigit, Gaia, Hestia, Aine, Ix Chel, Nike, Erzulie, Demeter, Persephone, Skadi, Selu (Corn Mother), Artemis, Hina, Aphrodite,  Saraswati, Hathor, Hekate, Maman Brigitte, Aradia. This is an abundantly rich resource for anyone endeavoring to study and practice Goddess spirituality. Two Goddesses are fully delved into for each month; workshop suggestions, meditations, outlined rites and songs are offered. With twenty-four deities featured, this book can serve as a two year study guide for both a women’s group and a personal spiritual practice. “Gathering For Goddess, is a unique book that explores and celebrates the various Goddesses and encourages women to courageously create spiritual community. Celebrate the Goddess with this supreme compendium manual as your guide.

Our Oracle Deck GuideBooks  
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-8-6,   81 pages, Dimensions 5.5” x  8.5 ” Retail: $24.99

"Major Arcana Goddess Living Tarot” is a wonderful new guidebook for our latest creation at Feminine Divine Works. This is a full colored guidebook publication for our special Tarot deck that features and focuses exclusively on the twenty-two Major Arcana in the Tarot. Here in this exciting new Tarot, the Major Arcana is re-envisioned by artist, author and Goddess Priestess, B.Melusine Mihaltses. The artist and creator of this new tarot incorporated her special style of Goddess art, along with her vast knowledge and experience as a Priestess and "Goddess Womyn."  The creator of this exciting new, specialized 22+card Tarot deck, pours herself into her latest birthed creation, to present a beautiful work ideal for Tarot readers and collectors alike. For those who are fortunate enough to own her previously published, 70xcard Oracle Deck, "Feminine Divine Works Intuitive Oracle," these new Tarot cards are complimentary, and together create an enhanced powerful oracular tool.  In this companion guidebook, you will explore deeper the meaning of these Tarot cards, to help you acquire insightful tarot readings and develop your intuition throughout the process.  Our twenty-two satin finished, high quality cards (measuring 2.75" by 4.75") can be attained exclusively at Feminine Divine Works and this great, colored companion guidebook (measuring 5.5" by 8.5") is available wherever books are sold.

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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-9-3,  88 pages, Dimensions 5.5"x 8.5" Retail: $24.99

"Feminine Divine Works Intuitive Oracle," is a guidebook offered in conjunction with a special 70card oracle deck. "Feminine Divine Works Intuitive Oracle," is an invaluable tool to gain helpful insight, inspiration and further guidance when used with the compatible oracle deck. It presents, in full color, many of the author’s Goddess inspired, unique paintings.All of B. Melusine’s artworks are reflective of her own personal journey as a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine and they are shared in this lovely, full colored, oracle guidebook. The unique 70x-Card Oracle Deck offers satin finished, high quality cards (measuring 2.75" by 4.75") and both the cards and guidebook are exclusively offered only at Feminine Divine Works. The full colored companion guidebook (measuring 5.5" by 8.5") is also available wherever books are sold.

Living Goddess Spirituality 
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-7-9, 336pages, Dimensions 7” x 10” Retail: $22.99   

“Living Goddess Spirituality,” is a guidebook that explores and exalts the Goddess from different pantheons and encourages women to create (either personal or in groups) monthly spiritual journeys to the Sacred Feminine. For those seeking to connect with their ancestral Goddess lineage and strengthened their own Spirituality and community, it facilitates a personal study, as well as being a perfect guide for those seeking to create a woman’s Goddess circles.  “Living Goddess Spirituality” encourages women to unearth and embrace their own divinity by creating a spiritual practice that exalts the Goddess of over ten-thousand names. Women are empowered to create traditions that exalt the Goddesses of ancient times and resurrect “Her” in our personal contemporary lives. Within these ancient deities, represented in this book, we begin to see and utilize glimmers of our own reflection of the Sacred Feminine.  “Living Goddess Spirituality,” is our latest book featuring twelve fascinating Goddesses from around the globe, relevant to modern day women.  Asherah, Lakshmi, Sif, Nu-Kua, Rhiannon, Uzume, Ma'at, Durga, Lilith, Erzulie-Dantor, Baba Yaga and Blodeuwedd are highlighted in this book.  The author offers detailed folklores, monthly lessons, rituals, meditations, chants, illustrations, altars ideas, workshop suggestions and so much more; as this book becomes yet another invaluable offering to the Goddess Community.  It is the third book by the author, created to help initiate and maintain a women’s monthly Goddess circle and thus, was initially envisioned as the third year Manual and follow up book to “Gathering for Goddess.”

Goddess Grimoire Journal 
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-3-1, 276pages, Dimensions 6”x 9” Retail: $16.99

“Goddess Grimoire Journal,” holds a collection of Pagan invocations, poems and spells created by the author over twenty years as a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine. This unique book also functions as a wonderful inspiring journal, taking the reader through a series of thought provoking questions, in every chapter, to facilitate spiritual growth, yet this book is so much more. Filled with magickal invocations and artwork, every chapter has a special page dedicated to documenting your own personal workings.  In this capacity, with its multiple functions,  "Goddess Grimoire Journal" is a Modern day collaborative Book of Shadows; allowing readers to document their spiritual growth and journey, while simultaneously being supported by the author's artistic offerings within its unique pages. It is a Witch’s modern day, collaborative Book of Shadows, with designated pages for documenting thoughts & spell-works. It is a Pagan liturgy book that holds the author’s very diverse Pagan Spells and poems, as well as some original art work throughout, all to enhance the reader’s respective spiritual path. The author states that this book was originally meant as a companion to her first book, “Gathering for Goddess, a complete manual for Priestessing Women’s Circles.”  Here in this abundantly rich book you will find a collection of works for various astrological Moon phases, and invocations to numerous Goddesses. There are love spells and sabbat rites, works for dedication and spells for prosperity and wellbeing.  You will also find incantations for protection, healing, and hexes, as well as, invocations for Circle castings and many other pertinent spells for the practicing Pagan Goddess woman.

The Spellcrafting Coach  
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ISBN# 978-0-9851384-7-9, 336pages, Dimensions 7” x 10” Retail: $22.99   

“The Spellcrafting Coach,” is a highly informative book about the different forms of magick, spell-crafting, and the various modalities helpful to our individual and personal spiritual path. The title of this book is very reflective of its content and juicy subject, as our latest offering from Feminine Divine Works. Gathered together within this book is a collection of diverse metaphysical tools that, when practice regularly; serve to enhance our own powers of manifestation.  Everyone these days appears to be talking about making transformational changes; practicing their individual Spirituality, moving away from organized religions in favor of cultivating a more personal relationship with Spirit, and thus, contributing to our human evolution. It only seemed natural for the author of numerous Goddess Spirituality publications to want to write about this particularly key subject. It is one near and dear to her heart. If you are interested in an introductory look at various esoteric modalities that are helpful to one’s spiritual growth and powers of manifestation, then this is the book for you.

“The Spellcrafting Coach,” is an extraordinary new handbook on the art of magick and spell-works by author, B.Melusine Mihaltses.  For those seeking to explore their spirituality and enhance their own powers of manifestation, this book will introduce a plethora of effective techniques, from various ancient traditions to help you cultivate a more empowering and personal spiritual practice. This rich compendium of Metaphysical tools will help you to revamp your life through the use of several different spiritual practices used throughout the ages by numerous traditions. Here, we gently explore various forms of magick like; Spell-crafting, Astrology, Numerology, Candle Magick,  Herbology, Goddess Spirituality, Gemstones, Trees, Animal  Medicine, Tarot, Oracles, Invocations, Healing Sounds and Mantras, and so much more. This book serves to coach you on how to totally revamp your life using ancient traditions and esoteric tenets. Explore your powers of Manifestation with “The Spellcrafting Coach” as your incredible guide; you will be happy you did!!!

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